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The cut off date for the next shipment is: 12/04/2017    Charity we are supporting is the Hope For Widows organization.   Visit  http://hopeforwidows.org/

About us

Sandy and Daphne are close friends, connected by grief. It is through their compassion for the grieving, that The Compassionate Courier was born. Working as a team, it is their desire to bring comfort and hope to doorsteps around the world, reminding others that they are not alone and are remembered during their darkest times.

Both, have first hand experience with grief and loss.  Sandy, a professional therapist specializing in grief and trauma, has spent the last twenty years pouring her heart, soul, and expertise into assisting those whose lives have been shattered by grief and loss, gently guiding them while giving them the tools needed to move forward.  Daphne is a mom who has experienced life's greatest sadness after her five year old daughter passed away suddenly in 2008. Recognizing that life would never be the same, she left her long career to pursue her passions of helping others.  Together, Sandy and Daphne  have shared in grief and loss and know the devastation it can leave in its wake. In this, they have discovered their deep desires to help provide the essential needs and sprinkles of hope and encouragement to those when they need it most. You can read more about Daphne on her blog, https://grievinggumdrops.com/


I purchased this amazing gift for a friend who lost his adult son. What a blessing it has been for he and his family for several months. Lots of available resources included as well as stories of comfort and hope. A gift that comes for months lets them know they are remembered. Would absolutely recommend for those needing some hope after loss or hard times.    ~Jayson

I sent this box to my mother after she lost a dear friend of hers of 60 years... she LOVED it!!!  ~Lisa

Wonderful alternative to flowers. I truly love that they donate to charity as well.        ~ Joan